N-Dream AG

The team behind AirConsole

N-Dream is a startup based in the heart of Zurich Switzerland, where we develop the AirConsole platform. Our company was founded in 2015. As of Fall 2019, we just closed a Series A investment round and are looking to grow the team.


Andrin von Rechenberg


Andrin studied Computer Science at ETH, worked 5 years for Google as a Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead. After a successful exit at his first startup MiuMeet, he went on to found AirConsole.

He lives with his wife and two children and loves the Lake of Zurich.


Alice Ruppert

Head of Game Content

Alice studied Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts and joined AirConsole right after getting her Bachelor’s Degree.

She lives with her partner and two kittens, and runs a blog about horses in video games in her free time.


Rafael Morgan

Head of Product & Marketing

Rafael Morgan studied Sports and Entertainment Management at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. He has been working with online and mobile marketing since 2007.

He is the proud father of two boys and loves cooking for his family on his free time.


François Weber

Senior Software Engineer

Francois studied MultiMedia Technology in Salzburg and since then gained experience as a full-stack developer in several European startups.

If Francois is not traveling with his cheeky monkey, he hits the gym or other people in self-defense classes.


Anja Lea Martig

UI/UX Designer

Anja studied Psychology at the University of Basel. After getting her Master’s, she went on to shift her focus to User Interface and User Experience Design.

She will join the AirConsole team in 2020.




Löwenstrasse 65
8001 Zurich

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AirConsole is a cloud-based platform for local multiplayer gaming.
Every player uses their smartphone as the controller.

AirConsole was first launched on September 4th 2015, only three months after the N-Dream team came together. We started out with only 6 games and limited functionalities, with the site completely unmonetized. Within a month, we had players from almost every country in the world, were shared on the front page of reddit and featured on TechCrunch and The Next Web.

Over the following years, our team focused on expanding our game offer, improving platform functionality in various aspects, and making AirConsole a financially viable product by implementing our premium subscription service, AirConsole Hero.

By now, AirConsole has had over 5 million players. Over 4000 game developers have worked with our tools. Over 150 games are available for our users.

Within the coming months and years, AirConsole strives to be the #1 platform for casual, local party gaming.

Careers at N-Dream

The N-Dream team strives for a friendly and inclusive company culture. We have a non-hierarchical company structure where everyone can contribute to the best of their ability, and everyone is respected for who they are.

Our work is focused and efficient, with regular impact meetings to structure the goals of every team member. As usual in a small team, we all wear many different hats and perform different roles at once.

If you believe you’d fit the AirConsole team in a role that’s not listed here, blind applications are always welcome .